Children’s Performers

Special Guest Appearances Include

Mascots, Super Heroes, Santa, Frosty, Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids, Barbie, Clowns, Ballerinas, Dancers, Figure Skaters, Magicians. Ask your child who they like, and most likely we’ll have that character!


Meet and greet, Photos ops, Face Painting, Story Telling, Games, Contests, Sing-a-longs, Parachute play, Glamour girl makeovers, Dancing, Physical activity, Bedazzling, Arts and crafts, Sports, Project Adventure, Skating, Mommy and me activities, and more.

Project Adventure

Project Adventure is a set of activities that teach children social skills, teamwork, and conflict resolution. Adventure games consist of problem-solving initiatives and trust-building activities. These social-skills activities help develop an atmosphere of acceptance, willingness to take risks, share, discuss, and problem-solve together. Key principles are: Challenge by choice, Full Value Commitment, Experimental-Learning cycle.

Themes Include

(Dreams Come True) Ballerina, Princess, Ice Skater, Fairy, Super Hero, Sports Star, Animal Safari, Roller Skating. Other themes are available upon request!

Party Essentials

Stickers, Balloons, Temporary Tattoos, Bubbles, Tiaras, Sunglasses, Magic Wands, Feather boas, Scarves, Giveaways, Party bags, Sports equipment, and more.

Fitness Events With Glitz

Glitz Entertainment/Fun Fitness events are aimed to educate children to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle. Learning about fitness and how to take care of your body is essential especially when Healthcare is becoming a major concern for all Americans. Children need exposure to all these types of fitness events.

Events with Glitz offer interactive entertainment and NYS Standardized Physical Education components.

Prevention is crucial and Glitz Entertainment/Fun Fitness events will keep kids engaged and on a healthy track

– Stephanie Jill Chernick (Masters in Physical Education)

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs with Glitz